100% Organic japanese matcha
Accessories to create your own ritual at home

100% ecologic japanese matcha tea

Your will find our three grades of tea and the accessories to make your exprerience unique.
Discover what is the Obukucha experience: how to prepare and how to taste.

Create your own ritual based on your state of body and mind...
Feeling mindful, active, relaxed... ?

This is your moment.

Classic Matcha

The choice for green tea enthusiasts starting to experiment with tea.

This is the lower grade coming from the second and third harvest. It has a strong and bitter taste and mostly used for mixed drinks.

Feel the energy throughout the day.

Premium Matcha

For those who seek a moment to relax with a cup of tea.

This is the middle class of this tea, coming form the first and second harvest. It will have a bitter-sweet taste on your mouth.

Love your body and mind, drink healthy.

Ceremonial Matcha

The choice for tea lovers and passionate souls looking for mindful moments.

The top product, only made with the finest and youngest leaves of the first harvest. It offers a sweet and creamy taste.

Create your own tea ceremony.

why obukucha?

100% Japanese

Best quality of matcha from Uji Region in Kyoto Prefacture, a region with 800 years of experience in matcha cultivation.


We ensure that our products are ecological. Our product is certified by rigorous European standards.

Quality range

We provide a choice of tea from the first 3 harvests, depending on the quality you seek.

Reviews from our clients

Excellent matcha. Leaves a long umami flavour, creamy and sweet. Very recommendable.
Easy to order and quick to arrive. Quality products.