Live your own matcha tea experience at home and discover the benefits of this organic and healthy drink. Experiencing the Japanese matcha tea ceremony means finding your special time and place…
Woman being mindful about drinking tea

Be attentive and aware

Woman driking tea sitting on a couch

Clear all distractions

Woman smiling and relaxing with a cup of tea

Feeling relaxd and calm

The Chanoyu tea ceremony in Japan is based on four principles: respect, harmony, purity and tranquility. We can see these values ​​throughout the process, it is not just an act of enjoying tea but also a spiritual event.

The mindfulness that comes from simply drinking matcha tea can have numerous positive effects on our daily lives. You will begin to feel more energetic, your body will be filled with antioxidants, and your immune system will be strengthened thus reducing your stress levels.

The chanoyu practice is a ritual in which tea is consumed in a special place surrounded by nature to allow participants to withdraw from the mundane. The ceremony can be seen as a choreography in which each movement conveys the values ​​of respect and harmony. In the tea room, the focus is on the interaction between the host, the guests, and the tea service. The host specially chooses the tea utensils and you will not find two ceremonies with the same set of accessories.

The Obukucha experience aims to select elements of traditional chanoyu ceremony and culture that can be easily adapted to our modern lives.

We believe that there is no perfect way to prepare and enjoy your matcha tea. You can create your own ritual, either by wearing a traditional kimono or by modernizing yourself with electric beaters and fancy pottery.

This is your moment, your choice.

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