Obukucha Experience

Live your own matcha tea experience at home

Drinking Matcha tea is…

Woman being mindful about drinking tea
Being Mindful
Drink tea without distractions
Clearing all distractions
Woman smiling and relaxing with a cup of tea
Feeling peace of Mind

Matcha tea was first introduced into Japan by Buddist monks that travelled to China in the 13th century. This special tea was used to keep awareness and stillness during the long hours of meditation. Later, the tea became widly used by all population as they believed it had numerous health benefits.

The Chanoyu tea ceremony in Japan is based on four principles: respect, harmony, purity and tranquility. And we can see these values during the whole process, it is not only an act of enjoying tea but also a spiritual event.

The mindfulness brought on by consciously drinking matcha tea can have numerous effects on your day to day live. The effects of having your own matcha tea ritual will show in time as you will start feeling more energised, having a sensation of peace, and living in the present moment.

Choose Your Setup

The chanoyu practice is a ritual in which tea is consumed in a special place surrounded by nature to let participants withdrawn from the mundane world. The ceremony can be seen as a choeography in which every movement transmits the values of respect and harmony. In the tea room, the attention is on the interaction between the host, guests and tea-ware. The tea-ware is specialy chosen by the host and you will not encounter two ceremonies with the same assemblage of tea utensils.

The Obukucha experience aims at selecting the elements of traditional chanoyu ceremony and culture that can be easily adapted to our modern lives.

We believe there is no perfect way to prepare and enjoy your matcha tea. You can create your own ritual, be it using traditional matchaware and clothing or going modern with electric whisks and fancy ceramics.

This is your moment, your choice.

Now Start Tasting Your Matcha Tea.. What Do You Feel?

Drinking matcha is not only the momentary experience of tasting the tea.

Matcha also has numerous benefits for our health among which is the sense of calming euphoria,
which energizes you and helps you to concentrate.

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