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Look around you and live more, awaken curiosity and a sense of adventure, live the present moment. ⁠

We live in times of change and it is not easy. It requires us to adapt to circumstances, for now, uncertain. External circumstances that we cannot change. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


That is why I like to resort to mindfulness and the power of now. Focus on appreciating what I have and what I am experiencing at this very moment. Focus on my fingers moving across the keyboard and my mind getting carried away by what I feel in this moment. This act makes me smile of happiness because I have stopped being in the past and in the future, in this moment I live now.

The telework situation opens a door to other worlds … one of them is the interior. One of the things we can do in these days of lack of contact is to look within ourselves, this may be the time to start practicing meditation, to practice self-love and to give ourselves the space to know ourselves better.

The Art of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a type of energy that we generate when we bring our mind back to our body and get in touch with the present moment, within and around us.

The energy of mindfulness helps us live life deeply throughout the day. For example, when we brush our teeth, wash dishes, walk to work, or eat.

Practicing mindfulness is not complicated at all. It is very pleasant and relaxing, and we don’t need extra time to do it. It is the art of finding creative ways to generate energy. It is a practice that generates peace and happiness in everyday life as it helps us get rid of thoughts by focusing on what we are doing in the moment.

Drink with full consciousness

Let’s start with a small activity to look at what we drink and thus feel gratitude for what we have. This provides a feeling of well-being and peace. Prepare your cup of ceremonial matcha, find your space of tranquility and let’s get started!

Focus on your matcha and imagine you’ve never tried something like this before.

Grab your cup of tea with both hands and look closely at its liquid and color.

Close your eyes and feel the heat of the cup

If you start thinking “why am I doing this?” or “This is silly,” recognize these thoughts as random wandering and, without judgment, refocus your attention on what you are doing.

Now bring your nose to the cup of tea. Smell the tea. Try to discover what scents it reminds you of.

Slowly he brings the tea to his mouth, feeling the warmth of the hot cup of tea as he approaches.

Sip in small amounts, feel the taste on your tongue, what does it remind you of?

Notice how the drink is going down towards your stomach, Investigate, what flavor do I still have in my mouth?

How do you feel after practicing this mindfulness exercise?

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