Bamboo Whisk

The traditional bamboo whisk or “chasen” is an indispensable tool of the Japanese matcha tea ceremony.  The fine handmade prongs are carved out in a single piece of bamboo by craftsmen whose skills are passed on from generation to generation. Each Chasen is made by hand using a small knife to delicately cut the bamboo into 80-100 fine prongs, each less than 0.1mm at the thinnest point.
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How To Use It?

When using a chasen to whisk matcha it is best to keep a loose and relaxed wrist and make rapid zigzag motions in the shape of letter “W” or “M” – this helps to give matcha the ideal frothy texture.
Using this Chasen will help you to get the perfect creamy froth and a silky-smooth consistency from your matcha.

1 review for Bamboo Whisk

  1. Ariadna

    Me encanta!!! Muy necesario para hacer un té matcha auténtico!!

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