Ceremonial Matcha

The choice for tea lovers and passionate souls looking for mindful moments. The Obukucha Ceremonial grade is an organic matcha tea made with the youngest and finest leaves of the first harvest in Spring. This is the traditional matcha used for the Japanese tea ceremony. It possesses a mellow sweet taste with creamy texture and it is distinguished by its vibrant jade green colour. This ceremonial matcha tea is ideal for solo drinking, it’s quality is best for consuming on its own. Create your own tea ceremony at home


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Awaken your senses


The perception of the aroma, flavour, color and texture of matcha tea differs depending on the grade you choose. These differences depend on the growing and manufacturing processes.


Aroma matcha Obukucha


Obukucha ceremonial gives off a scent of fresh grass with sweet and light buttery notes.


Sabor matcha Obukucha


Ceremonial Obukucha has a well-balanced bitter-sweet flavour with a soft creamy finish in the mouth.


Color matcha Obukucha


Ceremonial Obukucha matcha shows a bright and clear true green color, the type of green we see in Spring.


Textura matcha Obukucha


All our Obukucha matcha is finely grounded in granite mills, hereby the softness with few lumps that easily dissolve in your hands.

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  1. Marta Giralt

    Muy bueno para tomar solo!

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