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Do you work from home and have trouble concentrating? Who doesn’t this happen to?

We go from an office routine in which we have colleagues with whom to share our work to being at home and dealing with the thousand and one distractions we have. ⠀⠀⠀


It seems complicated, right? However, this is an opportunity to improve in which you are the owner of your time, now you have the option to manage it your way. It is an ideal time to start trying morning routines that help you achieve that discipline and productivity you are looking for. If you want you can see my morning routine and be inspired to create your own.

Routines are a good tool to organize at home, but we can also search the chest of conscious food.

Have you noticed that certain foods and drinks have made you better than others?

We always pay attention to how the body feels, specifically in our digestive system. However, we can also observe changes in our mind when drinking certain drinks. Specifically, we can see how coffee is a drink that gives a lot of energy, in my case it is a nervous, unproductive energy. Therefore, I researched teas until I found matcha.

Matcha is a very good option to achieve this calming euphoria that allows you to be attentive and focused. It is due to its components of L-theanine and caffeine that do not cause anxiety and nervousness like when you drink coffee.

Tip for those who find it difficult to stay awake in the morning

Matcha is a vegan, organic drink full of antioxidants that will give you a zen energy to start with that healthy routine.

Matcha is the drink that Buddhist monks used to drink before their meditation sessions, they called it the calming euphoria because it allowed them to be attentive and without falling asleep for long hours.

I propose this recipe for cut matcha tea to start your day with productive energy. To prepare this matcha cortado, I recommend Premium matcha, a spring first and second harvest matcha that has a well-balanced bittersweet flavor with a smooth and creamy finish in the mouth. ⠀


Matcha cut to start the day with soothing euphoria

Preparing matcha cortado

It is a very simple recipe to prepare:

  • Make your matcha shot, put 1 gram of matcha with 30 ml of water at 80ºC.
  • Mix your matcha shot well with a bamboo or electric mixer.
  • Add the pinch of hot milk to your liking.

And you already have your matcha cortado. Have you ever tried it? ⁠

Leave your comment, what helps you stay focused when you are teleworking?